Cartoon Taxi is a project between Gary (aka Scomber) and Sarah (aka Sassygal).
Scomber, the brooding songwriter and Sassy, the tearaway diva have come together to prove that there is much more to a song than autotune overkill and senseless overproduction.

For Cartoon taxi, music is about honesty and allowing the listener to take what they want out of the song. “Don’t care if you like it, love it or hate it, music is about emotions”.
Twenty years in the making, Cartoon taxi have decided to make up for lost time by releasing three albums. Way too much material- “Lets do three albums…hey isn’t the album format dead?”
So its three – based on emotions and colours.

Yellow – Catchy Upbeat pop. Music to make you smile…

Black – The darker side in all of us. Rock with a touch of inner madness. Music to drive you towards destruction..

Blue – An introspective look at love, heartbreak and self.
Stripped down emotion in an unplugged format.

Cheesy ehh?

Cheesy dual'n guitar shot


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